Crocker Crest

Genealogical Memberships :

OCCOrder of the Crown of Charlemagne Founded 1939 (Registrar and Web Master)

CinSociety of the Cincinnati Founded 1783

OFPAOrder Founders and Patriots in America Founded 1896

BOMCBaronial Order of Magna Charta Founded 1898 (Genealogist and Keeper of the Rolls)

MOCMilitary Order of the Crusades Founded 1934(Genealogist and Keeper of the Rolls)

NSARDNational Society Americans of Royal Descent Founded 1908 *

OAAAOrder Americans of Armorial Ancestry Founded 1903

St. NichSaint Nicholas Society of the City of New York Founded 1835

CG Hereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors Founded 1896 *

CavOrder of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers Founded 1999 *

OMDOrder of the Merovingian Dynasty Founded 2004 (Past Registrar)

SRSons of the Revolution, NY Founded 1890 (Past Genealogist)

SARSons of the Revolution, MN

JamestowneJamestowne Society Founded 1936

GSMDGeneral Society of Mayflower Descendants Founded 1897

ONCOrder of the Norman Conquest Founded 2014

MF HIMayflower Society of Hawaii Founded 1951 (Past Editor-Current Historian)

May MNMayflower Society Minnesota

TRSThomas Rogers Society Founded 1974 (Past President-Current Genealogist)

HowlandJohn Howland Society

FFCTOrder of the First Families of Connecticut 1633~1662 Founded 2004

FFVTOrder of the First Families of Vermont 1609-1701 Founded 2010

FFNHOrder of the First Families of New Hampshire Founded 2009

CWGeneral Society of Colonial Wars Founded 1893

LMOrder Colonial Lords of Manors in America Founded 1911

VeteransVeteran Corps of Artillery, NY Elstablished 1790

SARNational Society Sons of the American Revolution Founded 1889

SARSons of the American Revolution, MN (Board of Managers)

B and BSons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar 1565-1861 Founded 1994

1812Military Society of the War of 1812, NY Established 1826 (Past Genealogist-Web Master)

SDLGSociety Descendants of Lady Godiva Founded 2018 Genealogist General

TextileNational Society Descendants of Textile Workers Founded 2007

TrencherFlagon and Trencher Founded 1963

GavelThe National Gavel Soceity Founded 1963

Pilgrim William White SocietyThe Pilgrim William White Society Founded 2013

Descendants of Cape Cod and the IslandsOrder of Cape Cod and the Islands Founded 2015

Order Kings and Queens in the Holy LandsOrder Kings and Queens in the Holy Lands Founded 2018

* =No website