Crocker Crest

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Crocker~Ashley Genealogy

Order of the Crown of Charlemagne Founded 1939 (Registrar and Web Master)

Order Founders and Patriots in America Founded 1896

Baronial Order of Magna Charta Founded 1898 (Past Registrar and Webmaster)

Military Order of the Crusades Founded 1934 (Past Registrar and Webmaster)

Order Americans of Armorial Ancestry Founded 1903

Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers (Founded 1999)

Order of the Merovingian Dynasty Founded 2004 (Registrar)

Sons of the Revolution Founded 1890 -Genealogist

Jamestowne Society Founded 1936

General Society of Mayflower Descendants Founded 1897

Mayflower Society of Hawaii Founded 1951 (Past Editor)

Thomas Rogers Society Founded 1974 (Past President-Current Genealogist)

John Howland Society

General Society of Colonial Wars Founded 1893

Veteran Corps of Artillery, NY Elstablished 1790

National Society Sons of the American Revolution Founded 1889

Military Society of the War of 1812, NY Established 1826

Flagon and Trencher Founded 1963

A Tribute to Richard Dennis Souther (2 Jan 1948-17-Sep 2012) an in-depth database of the Souther Family