Crocker Crest


Tracy is a native of the Finger Lakes region of New York State. A proud father of a son Tracy Jr, a daughter Carolynn, grand-daughter Nicole, and is lucky to have a loving wife Joyce.  He is the son of Glyndon H. Crocker, Jr. and Florence Lucille Ashley.

After graduation from college, he pursued a fruitful career in the retail Department Store arena throughout the United States. Now retired after 30 years as retail executive and past Vice President of Liberty House a major specialty department store in Hawai`i he is pursuing many interests.  Throughout his career, he traveled extensively to Europe, Asia and the American markets where he was responsible for the fashion merchandise for several major department stores.

Prior and since retirement, has been eminently involved in several of the major genealogical Societies and Orders in the United States: 

Tracy is currently the Genealogist and Keeper of the Rolls for the Baronial Order of Magna Charta and holds the same offices for The Military Order of the Crusades. Concurrently he is Registrar General of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne acted as interim Genealogist General at the passing of Timothy Beard.  Genealogist General Society Descendants of Lady Godiva. He is past President of the Thomas Rogers Society and is currently their Genealogist as well as past Genealogist for Sons of the Revolution New York, Genealogist Society War of 1812 New York, and Historian for the Mayflower Society Hawaii. Serves on the board Society Mayflower Descendants of Minnesota and serves on the Board of Managers for the Sons of the Revolution Society in Minnesota. He was a founding Member of the Order of the Merovingian Dynasty.

Society Memberships

Society Name and Office Held
Baronial Order of Magna Charta ~ Genealogist and Keeper of the Rolls
Military Order of the Crusades  ~ Genealogist and Keeper of the Rolls
Order of the Crown of Charlemagne ~ Registrar General and past interim Genealogist General
Society Descendants of Lady Godiva ~ Genealogist General
Thomas Rogers Society ~ Past President and Current Genealogist
Sons of the Revolution, NY ~ Past Genealogist
Military Order Society War 1812, NY ~ Past Genealogist
Society Mayflower Descendants, HI ~ Historian
Sons of the Revolution, MN ~ Board of Managers
Society Mayflower Descendants, MN ~  Board
Order of the Merovingian Dynasty ~ Founder and past Registrar General

Additional Memberships:

Order Founders and Patriots in America
Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers
Jamestowne Society
General Society of Colonial Wars
National Society Sons of the American Revolution
National Society Sons of the Revolution
Veteran Corps of Artillery, NY
Order Americans of Armorial Ancestry
General Society Mayflower Descendants
Order Colonial Lords of Manor
Hereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors
Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York
National Society Americans of Royal Descent
Venerable Order of Saint Louis
Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar
John Howland Society
William White Society
Order First Families of Connecticut
Order First Families of Vermont
First Families of New Hampshire
Colonial Order of the Crown
Sovereign Colonial Society Americans of Royal Descent
National Society of Descendants of Textile Workers
Flagon and Trencher
National Gavel Society 


  • “Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the USA-Verified Lineages to Gateway Ancestors that have Proven Pedigrees to Charlemagne” 2009
  • Thomas Rogers Descendants, Sixth and Seventh Generation Project
  • “Lineage(s) of: Merovee (Merovech) Founder of the Merovingian Dynasty”
  • Duane E. Love Genealogy
  • J. Quinn Bradlee Genealogy
  • “A Tribute to the Death and Legacy of Charlemagne 814-2014”
  • Crocker~Ashley Genealogy
  • Dianne Irving Nutwell Genealogy
  • Ford-Gunderson Genealogy
  • Bruce Genealogy
  • Produced numerous Rosters for several different genealogical groups

Listed In (Publications)

“A Crocker Genealogy” Andrea Leonard
“Wordens Past” Worden Family
“Babe & the Kid” Charlie Poekel
“Coberly Connections, Pilgrims, Patriots, Presidents” Daniel L. Coberly

Other Notes  

Tracy is a qualified genealogist who has done extensive documented research for many individuals throughout the US.  He  has been insturmental in developing genealogical computer application forms for over 35 different organizations. He has developed and has maintained numerous genealogical websties.  Was awarded the “Timothy Field Beard recognition for outstanding contribution to Medieval Royal and Noble Genealogy”

In his spare time from genealogy Tracy is an active member of Rotary International and has been recongnized four times as a Paul Harris Fellow. He serves on the Board of Business and Estates Advisers, Inc, Wayzata, MN.  Additonally Tracy attempts to play golf six times a week until the snow flies in Minnesota, and is a serious sports fan.